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Values - Why Us?

The core principle which is applied in everything we do at Great British Wills is to treat others as we would wish to be treated ourselves. With respect, dignity and transparency.

Expatriates have a different outlook on life. We are less inhibited by international borders. We have a wider understanding of different cultures. Our needs are different to those who remain in their home country.

Great British Wills was founded by a British expatriate for British expatriates. By specialising in one section on the expatriate community we believe we can offer a superior service. Superior service by greater in depth knowledge of the subject matter, more innovative solutions to problems and greater understanding of cultural needs and expectations.

Your Will is one of the most important legal documents you will sign. It is essential that it accurately states your wishes and is correctly executed in order to be valid. See here to discover how you benefit from using Great British Wills.

Stuart Porter, Managing Director

Stuart is a professionally qualified Will Writer. He is an affiliate member of both STEP and Society of Will Writers. Both of these U.K. based professional bodies require adherence to a strict code of conduct covering ethics, integrity and on-going professional education.

He has lived in Dubai since 2001 and is passionate about the level of individually tailored customer service he provides in all aspects of his professional life.

Great British Wills was founded by Stuart to provide British Expatriates resident in U.A.E. with a convenient way of writing their Wills. It combines the benefits of professional Will writing and almost 30 years of experience on assisting clients with managing their money.


No two clients have the same requirements, it is essential that each person I meet is given the opportunity to fully express their wishes and it is my job to help them achieve them as far as possible.”


The Society of Will Writers was established in 1994 as an independent body representing the professional Will Writer and the interests of the consumer. Today, the Society is the largest trade body within our profession and has members throughout the world, especially where there are high concentrations of U.K. citizens living and working abroad.

Our Code of Practice, ethics and philosophy puts the consumer at the heart of our aims to ensure that through our membership you receive the very best of service.

The Society has set itself two main tasks:

1. To promote to the public the real need and sense in having a valid Will; and

2. To act as a self-regulatory body by vetting practitioners through stringent membership requirements, proficiency standards and on-going training.

For more information, visit the SWW website here (link to SWW website)

Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP)

Choosing a professional to help you to deal with such important and often sensitive issues can be difficult. Many aspects of planning are non-regulated, meaning anyone can write a Will, for example, regardless of training or expertise.

STEP is a globally recognised professional body. It demands the very highest standards of professional integrity from members which number over 20,000 and can be found in 95 countries. STEP members are required to have:

ExpertiseSTEP members are recognised experts in their field, with proven qualifications and experience. By joining STEP and maintaining their membership they have also shown significant commitment to their continued professional development in this specialist area.

IntegritySTEP members are subject to an extensive Code of Professional Conduct, requiring them at all times to act with integrity and in a manner that inspires the confidence, respect and trust of their clients and of the wider community. In England & Wales, STEP members who draft wills are also bound by STEP’s Will Code. These professional standards provide you with a clear understanding of what to expect from a STEP member, and importantly if you feel a STEP member is not acting in accordance with these standards, you have recourse to the STEP Complaints and Disciplinary Process.

KnowledgeSTEP members are required to maintain and develop the knowledge and skills relevant to their role as a condition of their continued membership. This means STEP members will always be up to date with the latest legal, technical and regulatory developments that may affect you and your situation.

ConnectionsSTEP members have access to a global network of 20,000 advisors and professionals, enabling them to share knowledge and expertise across professional and geographic boundaries and to offer a joined-up service that can really add value to you as a client.

Further information can be found here.