Write a Will and Live Longer?

Great British Wills provides expats with assistance with Will writing in Dubai. Yesterday a friend told me people with Will live longer than those who do not. Sadly, I cannot find credible data to back up the claim, but I can believe that it is true. Of course, it is important not to confuse correlation with causation.

Recent studies have shown that parents live longer than those without children. The most common reason Great British Wills is contacted is Will writing in Dubai for the protection of a child. The second most common reason for Will writing in Dubai is the protection of assets. Studies also show wealthier people live longer. Finally, the level of education a person has received also correlates closely to how long they live.

I guess the most obvious reason people who have prepared Wills die at an older age is that they have lived longer and so have had time to think about a Will. An 80-year-old recognises their own mortality more readily than a 30-year-old and is therefore more likely to plan for it. So even without empirical evidence, intuitively my friend’s statistic sounds true.

Sadly, making a Will does not increase the length of your life. However, having a plan for what you want to happen to your children and stuff does make life easier for those you leave behind.

Our Service

Great British Wills provides expatriates resident in Dubai with an explanation of the Will options available. This empowers expatriates to make an informed choice about what is the best course of action for them and their family. Our service is delivered through a series of meetings. These are usually held in your home at a mutually convenient time. All of our staff are professionally qualified Will draftsmen.

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