Andy and Pip [names changed for anonymity] are an English couple living in Dubai. Both are non-Muslim and married. They have two children, Alex aged 4 and his little sister Lyn, aged 2. Andy and Pip own a property in England. Life is good, but like many, they had yet to address a crucial aspect of their lives: protecting their young family by creating a last will and testament.




It all started during a casual conversation with friends. Andrew realised the potential complications of being intestate – that is, not having a will. Without one, the laws of intestacy would dictate how their estate was distributed, which did not align with their wishes as non-Muslim expatriates, especially considering their property in England and their children’s future.




Initially, the task seemed overwhelming. Estate planning felt like something to tackle later in life. However, after hearing some real-life stories about the difficulties families faced without a will, Andrew and Pip began to see the importance of timely estate planning.


Seeking Expert Guidance


They decided to consult Great British Wills as we specialise in assisting English expatriates in the UAE. We provided clear explanations about the benefits of having a will. We also highlighted how it allows Andy and Pip to appoint guardians for their children, Alex and Lyn, ensure their property in England was handled according to their wishes, and manage their financial assets effectively.


First Steps


Andrew and Pip discussed their wishes for their assets and for their children. We provided them with explanations of the legal requirements for a will to be valid under English law and the information we required to draft their wills. The process included making decisions about guardianship, trusts, and understanding potential tax implications.




One of the most challenging parts was making emotional decisions about their children’s future and their legacy. Deciding on guardians for Alex and Lyn was not easy, but it was essential. They also needed to consider the best way to manage and protect their property in England.


Achieving Peace of Mind


After thoughtful consideration, Andrew and Pip successfully completed their last will and testament. They told me of their sense of relief and accomplishment, know they had taken a crucial step in securing their family’s future, ensuring that their children would be cared for according to their wishes.


Encouraging Others


Andrew and Pip’s experience made them advocates for estate planning among their friends and peers. They shared their journey, emphasising the peace of mind that comes from being prepared. Their story underscores the importance of having a last will and testament, particularly for expatriates.




Preparing your will may seem daunting, but as Andrew and Pip discovered, it’s an essential part of ensuring your family’s future is secure. By taking the necessary steps and seeking professional advice, you can make informed decisions that protect your loved ones and honour your wishes. For English expatriates living in the UAE, creating a last will and testament is not just a legal formality – it’s a vital act of care and responsibility.

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