Married Couple Expecting First Child

Helen arrived in Dubai in 2016 with her husband, Jason, as a result of a change in Jason’s job. They were both really excited to be moving to such an exciting and vibrant city. Helen had done some homework on Dubai before they arrived. The only issue which concerned her was the way women are treated differently to men under the law in Dubai. They both got caught up in their new lives and her worries were forgotten. A few months ago, Helen discovered she was pregnant. Given their new responsibilities Helen and Jason decided they must put their wishes down on paper. They contacted Great British Wills and the options available to them were discussed. They decided on a Will written under English law and a DIFC guardianship Will to ensure their baby is protected if they die whilst resident in Dubai.

Couple with children from previous relationships

Steve and Jackie, Dubai residents and long-term expatriates from UK, both have children from previous relationships. They had Wills written under English law. Recently, they became engaged and intend to marry in a few months’ time. Steve and Jackie knew that when they marry their old wills will be automatically cancelled. They wanted to protect the inheritance of their children but provide for each other at the same time should the worst happen. Great British Wills was able to provide them with an appropriately worded Will which protects their children’s inheritance and provide for each other.


David is recently divorced. He has a will which gave everything to his former spouse. Following the divorce, David wants to change his Will. Great British Wills was able to assist him in amending his Will to reflect his wishes.

Business owner

John is a serial entrepreneur. His wife and children have no active role in his business pursuits but they do rely on the income he generates. John is the driving force behind his latest venture which is based in Dubai and for the first time he has a fellow shareholder. The company is growing and taking on new staff. John is aware of the company’s obligations towards employees and his duties towards his fellow shareholder which include protecting them against the impact of his death. Great British Wills was able to assist John in protecting his family, employees and co-shareholder against the financial consequences of his death.

Will not valid

Jeff and Cate made a Will many years ago when they first got married. After reading a newspaper article, they thought they should review what they had written. Whilst they could find a copy, they could not find the original. Since their children had grown up and had children of their own, they wanted to amend their Wills. Great British Wills was able to assist them with re-drafting their Wills.

Property Purchase in Dubai

Peter, a British national, bought some real estate in Dubai a few years ago when he was living in the Emirates. He still owns the property and has a Will written under English law covering his worldwide assets. Following a discussion with his solicitor, Peter was informed under English law, the law of the country where the real estate exists will be applied. In his case, the law of Dubai. Since Peter is non-Muslim, he is able to have a will written under the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) jurisdiction and Great British Wills put him in touch with one of the DIFC registered draftsmen. In the event of his death, the real estate he owns will be settled under his wishes rather than Dubai law which favours male relatives and can be highly inefficient for tax purposes for British nationals.