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Bob & Sally

UK expatriates, Bob is an engineer and Sally works from home as an entrepreneur.  They have two children James (6) and Jackie (3). They have joint assets worth about £2.5m. They have no Will and want Wills and Inheritance tax advice.


UK expatriate, resident in Dubai, divorced. 2 adult kids does not want his ex-wife to inherit anything on his death but he would like his partner to benefit from his estate. He has not updated his Will since the divorce and his ex-wife is the sole executor and primary beneficiary.


UK expatriate with small business, she has no family or commitments but does employ 3 people and supports the local dog rescue charity with regular contributions. She has no Will and would like the dog rescue charity to benefit from her estate and for the employees to inherit the business from her.

Kate & Alex

Recently engaged couple, planning for their future together. They want to make Wills in anticipation of their wedding later this year.