Terms and Conditions


  1. General


This is an important document as it expresses the terms under which our services are offered. Please take the time to read it in full and ensure you understand it. Whilst every effort has been made to make the document clear and not misleading, if there are any aspects you do not understand, please ask for further clarification until you are satisfied you understand the content.


  1. Who We Are


Great British Wills is a brand name of Stuart Porter trading as Guardianship & Wills Documents Services (herein referred to as us or we) holder of Dubai Economic Department (DED) trader license # 862426.


  1. Our Service


We provide Dubai residents with the opportunity to give testamentary depositions under English Law as well as information on the testamentary options and guardianship of children available in United Arab Emirates.


  1. Working Hours and Geography


Our standard working hours are 09:00 to 17:00 Sunday to Thursday within the Emirate of Dubai, however meetings may be arranged outside of these times and location at our sole discretion.


  1. Availability


An essential part of taking a testamentary deposition is a physical meeting with the testator, the person making their Will. We reserve the right to decline service where the time, location or other factor is not within our standard terms.


  1. Suitability of Service


We have chosen to limit the jurisdiction under which we are able to provide valid testamentary depositions to England and Wales. Therefore, if a testamentary deposition is required for another jurisdiction, we will inform the prospective client and if requested make suitable recommendations to qualified professionals.


  1. Reviewing Existing Testamentary Documents


Whilst it is important to see any previous testamentary documents. We do not offer advice on their suitability for your current circumstances.


  1. Your Instructions


When giving your instructions, it is important that you provide all the information requested as accurately as possible without omission. Not providing all the information requested may result in the failure of your Will to act in the intended way or potentially result in intestacy, dying without a valid will.


If there are any changes in your circumstances between the time you give instructions to the time of signing the Will please inform us at the earliest opportunity and before you sign the Will.


  1. Charges


Our services are paid for directly by you, we do not receive payment from any third party for our service.


Details of the timing and amount of charges will be disclosed to you after our initial meeting.


If you decide not to proceed after our initial meeting, the only fee payable is the non-refundable consultation fee of AED1,250.


All quotes are valid for 30 days after which time we reserve the right to re-quote.


  1. Risks


As expatriates, we are exposed to many risks which those who are resident in their home country avoid. One of these is the change in treatment of legal documents by your host country.


At present, non-Muslims resident in Dubai can use a Will written under the law of their home country for the administration of their estate in Dubai, subject to some important caveats. It is your responsibility to remain up to date with changes occurring in your host and home country.


  1. Identification


It is an essential part of taking a testamentary deposition that we formally identify the person giving the instructions. Therefore, you will be required to provide an official form of identification e.g. Emirates ID or passport, which will be copied and stored electronically.


  1. Client Money


We do not hold client money at any time during our business.


  1. Conflicts of Interest


Where a conflict of interest arises, we will inform you and discuss the exact nature of the conflict to mutually decide on the way ahead.


  1. Data Protection – General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)


14.1 Privacy Note


This Notice is a summary of our Privacy Policy which describes how we collect and use personal information as Data Controller.


14.2 Personal information we use

We use personal information to provide testamentary depositions, for example, processing in connection with:


  • Drafting of testamentary depositions
  • Reviewing assets
  • Complying with our legal obligations
  • Running our business where we have a legitimate interest to do


Without accurate and sufficient personal information where required, we cannot offer our services.


14.3 Sharing of personal information


We obtain personal information from and share personal information with other organisations such as:


  • Any trustees or beneficiaries where appropriate
  • Companies who supply services to us such as administration
  • Healthcare service providers and relevant authorities
  • Advisors and employers where appropriate
  • Third-party legal consultants where consent is given to do so.


14.4  How we transfer personal information to other countries


As a business, we ensure that personal information is equally protected in all locations by complying with data protection laws in the EU and of each location in which we operate.


14.5 How long we hold personal information for


We retain personal information for as long as is necessary to meet the purpose for which it was originally collected or to satisfy our legal obligations.


14.6 Data subject rights


The person who is the subject of the personal information (the “Data Subject”) has the following legal rights:


  • Access to personal information
  • Data rectification where it is inaccurate or incomplete
  • Erasure of personal information
  • Data portability – to obtain personal information in a digital format
  • To object to the processing of personal information
  • To not be subject to automated individual decision-making processes
  • To withdraw consent at any time where processing of personal information, you can contact us on info@greatbritishwills.com


14.7 Data protection contact – Data Protection Officer


  • Email at info@greatbritishwills.com
  • Write to P O Box 73256, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


14.8 Marketing Consent


We may wish to contact you by mail, email, telephone or other appropriate means about carefully selected products, services or others that may be of interest to you. I/We consent to being contacted in this way for this purpose by agreeing to the terms and conditions.


14.9 Withdrawal of Consent


I/We understand that where I/we have provided consent I/we have the right to withdraw the consent at any time and that such withdrawal will not affect the data processing carried out prior to such withdrawal.


  1. Complaints

If you have reason to complain about the service provided, please address your concerns in writing to Great British Wills, P O Box 73256, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


  1. Changes


This agreement is subject to change in the future, if you would like a copy of the latest version, please contact us at info@greatbritishwills.com


  1. Your Cancellation Rights


You may cancel the request for services at any time and no further fee will be payable. Cancellation must be in writing and cannot be made retrospectively. However, any engagement fee already paid will be forfeit.


  1. Completion within a Reasonable Time


The Will writing process should take no more than 15 working days. We respectfully request that all missing data requested is provided within 5 working days of the request.


On receipt of draft documents, it is important they are reviewed, and feedback given at your earliest convenience which should not be more than 5 working days.


Final documents should be executed as soon as practically possible but not more than 10 working days after notification of their availability for your signature.


Where a document is not reviewed or executed within the above timeframes, we will not be held responsible for any consequences of the lack of a valid Will.


Payment of the consultation fee means you have read, understood and consent to the content of these terms of service.


End of Terms of Service


To download a copy of our terms and conditions, please click here