We had a great experience with Stuart at Great British Wills when he prepared our will several years ago. When it came time to update our wishes, we were delighted to use his services again. We highly recommend Great British Wills to other expats living in the UAE.

Mark and Jo Ruffley, Abu Dhabi

I had been searching for a professional who could help me with Wills. Stuart was recommended to me by a lawyer in Dubai. He was extremely knowledgable and from our very first meeting I felt reassured that Stuart would be able to help me put together a Will in which I was given direction and surety in covering all the aspects of my Will. Especially with concerns of a minor child, Stuart gave me all the necessary guidance that was needed. I highly recommend Great British Wills in assisting expats living in UAE .

Samar, Dubai

With the arrival of my son, I wanted to make sure everything was taken care of, in case I passed away unexpectedly. Having a Will in place which included my guardianship instructions was the first step. Stuart at Great British Wills met me at my home, explained the options and helped me secure my son’s future. Stuart was friendly, professional and flexible – very important given my busy schedule. I’d be happy to recommend Stuart to others needing the same.

Andrew Gibbins, Dubai

Having a will was always a topic that my wife and I both agreed needed to happen but equally avoided getting round to it, as we thought it would be time consuming and a hassle. After multiple horror stories we reached out to the highly recommended Stuart for advice, which he was more than willing to provide in a very polite and advisory capacity rather than a sales like tone. After agreeing with what I heard I scheduled a meet and Stuart visited my wife and I at our home and walked us through every step of the process. Within a week we had our wills fully drafted and wondered why we hadn’t done it sooner. We couldn’t recommend Stuart highly enough, he is extremely patient and thorough, guiding you at each step to make the whole process simple and straightforward. Thank you Stuart.

Ashley & Susanna Griffiths, Dubai

As parents of a young child we knew we needed to put in place some provision in case the worst was to happen. Our neighbours recommended Stuart to help us write a Last Will and Testament and I’m grateful they did.

The quality of service was excellent. Stuart is friendly and diligent, the process he follows makes it easy to understand the specifics required in order to make sure the Will is legal and likely to stand up to any challenge. You get a personal service and I genuinely enjoyed working with Stuart.

If you’re looking to prepare a Last Will and Testament I would highly recommend Stuart, he is great and excellent value.

Ian & Emily Jenkins, Dubai.

On the loss of a family member, we decided to review our family Wills. After several recommendations, we chose Stuart at Great British Wills. Stuart was very helpful in providing the necessary guidance in preparing our wills. All appointments were in the comfort of our own home, which made the experience easy and comfortable without the stress of visiting offices several times. We would recommend Stuart and Great British Wills in the preparation of UK wills..

Dennis & Barbara Balogh, Dubai

Despite living in Indonesia and Great British Wills being based in Dubai, I found the service to be professional and responses to my questions were quick and accurate. Very happy to recommend Stuart at Great British WIlls for other expats around the world looking for guidance on preparing their will.

Paul Jones, Indonesia.

Stuart at Great British Wills was the immediate contact that our Financial Advisor recommended when we asked him for guidance. We were not disappointed. It was clear from the outset that Stuart is both professional and experienced, and he was able to guide my wife and I through what can be a minefield of experiences and emotions in a very short time. Everything was laid-out, easy to follow, and the reassuring face-to-face meetings made sure that everything was absolutely clear, both for me and for my Chinese wife. If the question is “Wills?”, the answer is a resounding “Stuart Porter”..

Barry & Sue, Ras Al Khaimah

We wholeheartedly recommend Stuart and Great British Wills to anyone in need of estate planning services. His commitment to excellence, client satisfaction, and his genuine care for his clients’ well-being is truly commendable. We are profoundly grateful for Stuart’s assistance and are confident that every individual who seeks his services will be met with the same level of professionalism, respect, and expertise that we were. Thank you, Stuart, for making a typically complicated process straightforward and stress-free. We are genuinely grateful for your impeccable service.

Mike & Claire, Ras Al Khaimah

We needed to update our Will and through British Mums Dubai were recommended Stuart as the will writer to use. Stuart was immediately very professional, courteous and understanding of what we needed in the re-writing of our will and also connected us with other representatives to help with writing our will for our assets in the UAE for the courts in the UAE. Stuart gave time to come to our home to go through each step of the process. We would highly recommend Stuart for British expats looking to write their British Wills. We are very happy with the service and the wills produced and feel much more confident with the wills we now have in place than the ones we had completed with a different will company in the UK several years ago..

James & Lorna Gore, Dubai

With a trip overseas coming up, I realised that should the worst happen I did not have a Will in place appointing guardians for my children or stating how I wanted my estate distributed. My wife was recommended to Great British Wills and I had a Will prepared and signed within 48 hours! Not only was the process quick but easy too. Happy to recommend Stuart and Great British Wills to other Brits needing a Will.

Jo Kimble, Dubai

We’ve been meaning to get our Will done for years but always put it off as a chore. Luckily, we found Stuart and Great British Wills through a friend and we can’t believe we waited that long. We had a Zoom call with Stuart and he was able to explain everything clearly and without confusing jargon. Everything was drafted and sent over to us quickly and Stuart attended the signing and Witnessing in person to make sure it all went smoothly. We’d recommend Stuart and Great British Wills to anyone that needs to finally get that Will done..

Robert & Jeanne Walters, Dubai

Stuart was introduced to me by my financial adviser who had been telling me for years that I need to have a Will. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Stuart made the whole process really easy. Meeting me at a location which was easy for me and sending me draft documents within a couple of days. Very happy with the service!

Mark Grogan, Riyadh

Having put this off for a while, with two young children we knew it was time to get a will in place. When I saw how highly recommend Stuart was on the British Dads Facebook community, I reached out to him and I’m very glad I did. He was able to lay out all of our options clearly and concisely, and guided us through the process from start to finish. No hassle, no headaches, just an informed, responsive service that I would highly recommend to anyone in a similar position..

Lee Evans, Dubai

The service provided by Stuart at Great British Wills was excellent from start to finish. Stuart was professional, knowledgeable and helpful when advising on the differences between the UK and UAE laws and what we needed to consider. We had been meaning to complete our wills for some time, and Stuart was very patient and gently nudged us for all the information we needed to have everything finalised. We found his style  reassuring and he gave us great insight into other financial areas we should consider as expats. When discussing our final wishes (all rather sobering) Stuart offered us friendly but honest advice in the comfort of our own home, at a time convenient to us. The process was clear and straight-forward, without hidden costs or agendas. We now have our Wills in place and feel more secure about our family’s future should anything unexpected occur. We are very happy to recommend Stuart and Great British Wills to other Brits in Dubai.

Ceri & Paul Jewell, Dubai

Up to now, we had not prepared a Will and had got a point where the thought of doing one outside of the UK felt daunting and overwhelming. With two children we realise importance however had no idea where to start. Enter Stuart, who was quick to respond, made the process simple, easy and was super diligent at pushing the process through which included weekend and home visits. We are very happy and much appreciative of the service and happily recommend Great British Wills to other UK expats.

Carl Lauwrens, Dubai

Having now got married, my previous Will, made several years ago, needed to be updated. I found Stuart’s details on one of the Facebook Groups I’m a member of. Once I got myself sorted, the actual process was very clear and straightforward. More than happy to recommend Stuart & Great British Wills to other British Expats here in Dubai

Malcolm Rees, Dubai

I was referred to Great British Wills via a Facebook Group. I have been meaning to prepare a will to secure my family’s interests if the worst should happen. Stuart clearly explained all the options available to me and answered all of my questions. I now have the peace of mind I wanted knowing I have done all I can for my family.

Kourosh Dara, Dubai

We had not prepared a Will before but with the arrival of our son earlier in the year the preparation of a will to protect him was something we knew we had to do, but didn’t really know where to start and what to expect. On first speaking to Stuart, he made the process easy, clear and transparent, and this great service only continued as we met Stuart in person and completed the steps to complete our will. We were very happy with the service and are happy to recommend Great British Wills to other UK expats.

Jack Ransley & Jennifer Burton, Dubai

Working with Great British Wills was very easy with their friendly and professional approach. Everything was explained very simply, professionally and then delivered on time with the utmost of care. Couldn’t be happier with the service.

Sundeep Khanna, Dubai

As Benjamin Franklin said, “nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes”, neither of which are pleasant. However with the right support from Stuart at Great British Wills both can be addressed in a professional manner. Stuart patiently navigated us through the stormy waters of inheritance and the implications thereof, we’d highly recommend him to expats that need to consider their wills

Richard Overy, Dubai

Stuart facilitated a potentially complex process ensuring the best and most up to date information was given. He provided professional guidance at every step and dedicated his time to answering all questions and providing sound advice. My wife and I would highly recommend Stuart for his quality service and high standards.

Carl Jackson, Dubai

Our UAE lawyer who was preparing our Wills for our UAE assets recommended we speak to a specialist about our UK assets. Great British Wills was recommended to us by a colleague. We had written Wills in the UK many years ago but our circumstances have changed and they needed updating. Following a chat with Stuart, we also discovered there had been some important tax and legislative changes. We were delighted with the service.

Hemant Vadeyar, Dubai

My Wife and I had been putting off the process of writing our Will’s but it had been nagging at me ever since the children were born. In hindsight, I think the reason for delaying was because we never really knew where to start!
I got introduced to Stuart through a Facebook group that we’re part of, and he was brilliant from start to finish. He was brilliant at explaining our options in clear, simple terms and he dispelled any urban myths that we had heard. Our Wills are now in place, and I’d be happy to recommend Stuart and Great British Wills to others.

Lloyd Cremer, Dubai

I needed to update my Will and was surprised by how easy it was. The whole process was very quick and efficient with Stuart providing support and guidance when required in completing the forms and information.

Stuart was also very proactive in advising the stages to be completed and when payments/provision of such information had to be made to ensure the timely processing of the Will.

All told, a very efficient service administered in a very professional way by Stuart. I would definitely recommend this service to any one in need of/updating a UK Will.

Trevor Anscombe, Dubai

We had been putting off writing our will as we’re not quite sure of how this could be done for expats living in Dubai. We reached out to Great British Wills and a few other individuals. At the first meeting with Stuart Porter (done virtually on Zoom), we were reassured that we had come to the right place. We found the advice he gave us was very clear and answered all our questions. The service provided was excellent and we are more than happy to recommend Stuart to other British expats.

Dr. Veda Riza and Dr. Ibrahim Riza, Dubai

We were looking for a simple Will and Stuart was able to meet us via ZOOM, discuss our requirements and was happy to answer any of the questions we had. Happy to recommend Great British Wills’ efficient and professional service.

Eddy Hall, Dubai

This was my first time I had even thought of making a Will. The prospect of preparing a Will was very daunting, as I had so many questions ranging from personal finances to personal insurances to family to what ifs, including the reason “why I was writing one”. This became more daunting as I am dual citizen expat living in the UAE; there were too many local & international laws for me to learn. Where would I start?! Stuart, really was really patient with me, taking the time to explain & simplify the process, demystifying legal jargon & answering all of my questions in a timely fashion. He helped me put the right document in place for my needs, giving me the much needed peace of mind I needed.

Troy Ellison, Dubai

We initially approached Great British Wills to have our English Wills prepared. During our conversation with Stuart, he was able to help arrange the English Will, introduce us to a local lawyer to help with local issues, answer our questions on lasting powers of attorney in the UK and introduce us to an expert in international tax. Thanks to Great British Wills we have greater control and understanding of the international aspects of our estate.

Chris & Caroline Lloyd, Dubai

Having lived in the Middle East since 2006 we finally decided it was time to make our will. Stuart, Great British Wills, came highly recommended and after a friendly chat the process began and within 3 weeks our will was in place. If you are looking to get a will then Great British Wills should be top of your list.

Andrew Wallis, Dubai

We had planned to draw up a will for a long time and after moving to Dubai and having our 4th child we decided it was an important step to take. Stuart came very highly recommended. He spent time going through the process and explaining all the options available to us in a way that was easy to understand. He is extremely knowledgable in this area and anything that was beyond the scope of his practice, he was able to refer us on to the appropriate professional.
We would definitely recommend Stuart!

Louise and Cameron, Dubai

We knew we needed to get Wills in place, as we have young children, but didn’t really know where to start. Our mortgage broker recommended Stuart to us and we are so glad she did! Stuart is extremely knowledgable and professional. He took all of the hard work out of the process for us and guided us every step of the way. I would HIGHLY recommend him and Great British Wills to other expats living in Dubai.

Henry Jakins, Dubai

My wife and I worked with Stuart to sort out our new wills. We were happy with the advice, Stuart is knowledgeable, flexible and very patient!

Jonathan Kidd, Dubai

My Will was prepared several years ago and needed updating and a friend recommended Stuart at Great British Wills. Stuart specializes on this area and hence very knowledgeable on the subject. He clearly explains everything and provides good professional advise. I am very happy to recommend Great British Wills to other expats living in Dubai.

Paul Gyles, Dubai

We contact Stuart to enquire about establishing a Will for our Estate and more importantly to discuss Guardianship of our two young children (especially as we are currently living in UAE) in the event anything was to happen to both my wife & I. As we were not sure on what route to take, talking with Great British Wills, enabled us to understand all the options available and to ensure we made the right decisions for our circumstances. This is a quite complicated and also a sensitive subject to explore and resolve and Great British Wills we’re both sensitive to our needs and professional in explaining all potential options to us to enable the right decision to be made! Further the patience shown as we took a long time to make our decisions was very much appreciated. We would definately recommend Great British Wills to anyone looking for guardianship and Wills.

Steve Rickards, Dubai

I had not prepared a Will before. I was concerned about what was involved and making tricky decisions. However, Stuart was able to explain the options available in a clear way so that I could make an informed decision. It was easier and quicker than I had thought now I have a Will and feel more secure about the future for my family if the worst should happen. It was a very easy process and I am so happy I did it. I have also spoken to Stuart about financial planning. He has the same straightforward and transparent approach to this side of his work too which has helped me make some important decisions for my future. He also brings nice biscuits to every meeting too! Hats off to Stuart!

Lucy Bradley, Dubai

Stuart came highly recommended by several people on a popular expat chat forum. We utilised his service to arrange our wills in Dubai. From start to finish we received professional yet very personable service from Stuart. He talked us through everything, step by step, explaining all of the what’s, why’s and wherefores. The service provided by Stuart throughout the delicate process was exemplary and I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending him.

Mark Forrester, Dubai

Stuart has been an excellent advisor during the process of building our Will. In what can be a difficult process, he was able to empathise and advise us in a way that was perfect for us as people and suited to our circumstances. Wills can be very complicated in UAE. Stuart has immense knowledge and will help you to navigate this, so you end up with a product that is truly individual and perfectly suited to you. Thanks Stuart.

Michael Irvine, Dubai

We had Wills in place, but they were out of date, I called a Solicitor firm, but they didn’t do UK Wills, however they kindly gave me Stuarts contact details. We set an appointment and with Stuarts professional guidance we got our new Wills in place. We then made a further appointment to discuss our Finances. Stuart explained everything in clear, plain language and not baffled us with finance jargon, he brought to our attention several points that we were not aware of, he is very thorough and has given us some excellent yet simple advice on saving for the future. We are very happy with his service and would highly recommend him.

Jeremy Coulbeck, Dubai

An important factor of expat life, especially in this part of the world.
We have known Stuart for many years, and he was a great help in re-writing and updating our wills for us. Highly recommended.

Fraser Whittle, Dubai