A document to advise healthcare worker of your wishes should you lose mental capacity

The person who will benefit from your Will.

Dubai International Financial Centre, a new jurisdiction covering assets in Dubai.

All of your assets and liabilities.

The person appointed by the Testator to administrer their Estate.

Part of the probate process and gives the person appointed as personal representative power over the Estate.

A person appointed in a Will to look after children of the deceased who are under the age of majority (18).

Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (UK tax authority).

A charge made by UK Government, usually on death but can also apply in some other circumstances.

Dying without a Will.

Provides an individual with the authority to manage your financial affairs on your behalf where you have lost mental capacity.

Provides an individual with the authority to accept or refuse medical treatment on your behalf where you have lost mental capacity.

A document prepared to advise healthcare workers where you have lost mental capacity, legal term is ‘Advanced Decision’.

A person appointed by a court to administer the estate of another person who may be alive or deceased.

A legal process occurring on death where the deceased’s estate is administered and distributed to beneficiaries.

The person who estatblishes a Trust.

Professional Body, Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners.

Professional Body, Society of Will Writers and Estate Practitioners.

An important legal concept, which is required to make a valid Will.

Person whose Will is being written.

A legal structure.

The set of rules detailing what the Trust is for and how it is to be managed.

The person responsible for the management of the Trust according the the Trust Deed.

A person who observes a legally binding act such as signing a Will.